Greatestmixtapes Retro, Handmade, Wicker Bicycle Front Basket with Leather Straps:Greatestmixtapes
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Retro, Handmade, Wicker Bicycle Front Basket with Leather Straps:Greatestmixtapes

home-decor Published in October 19, 2018, 1:00 pm
 Retro, Handmade, Wicker Bicycle Front Basket with Leather Straps:Greatestmixtapes

Retro, Handmade, Wicker Bicycle Front Basket with Leather Straps:Greatestmixtapes

Price:£17.10+ Free shipping

Kirby Reply to on 19 December 2016
After browsing a few products on here and being disheartened by some of the reviews on them, I came across this one. In terms of the price, this is a bargain considering a few baskets are more expensive.

Another common concern other reviewers highlighted on other products was the sturdiness of the basket. I can confirm that this one is very sturdy and quite ideal to carry a bit of shopping in if that is your purpose for this item.
The leather straps would maybe be my only concern if you are planning on using this basket to carry a lot of items, I think they would wear down after a while, they didn't feel as secure as I hoped.
In terms of the basket it is a lot larger than I expected which is nothing to complain about, you are getting your moneys worth.

In general, I would recommend this as opposed to any other baskets being sold on here, the pricing is great and the product is well made and sturdy. It had no issues being delivered here either, it was rather fast.
Howeydude Reply to on 21 April 2018
Great basket looks good and just the right size.
Claire Hillman
Claire Hillman Reply to on 11 April 2018
Was really excited about receiving this item, unfortunately its false advertising - straps ARE NOT leather, they are a cheap plastic material, if I'd have known this I would have bought through another supplier, but sadly I can't be bothered with the faff of sending this back now. :(
Laura65 Reply to on 23 March 2018
I was a bit concerned that this basket would wobble about and that the straps wouldn't do up after reading other reviews. However, I was really pleased. The straps were plenty long enough and the basket itself fits snugly between the cables, stopping it from moving. I probably wouldn't want to put anything too heavy in it, but for my work bag and lock it's perfect.
h. O. Byrne
h. O. Byrne Reply to on 9 December 2016
It's good. Not sure the straps are really leather they're quite flimsy. And the whole thing is fairly delicate. But it looks cool so that's that main thing, I wouldn't put anything heavy in it, and it's easily taken off so could be so easily nicked. But they all are like that I think, my friend got a more expensive one and it's no better so I think they are all just fairly light things.
coldwater kayaker
coldwater kayaker Reply to on 16 August 2015
My wife loves this. She wanted soemthing to carry drinks etc. on her bike and really loves the retro look of this. Doesn't care if anyone laughs at her she thinks it's great.

Only improvement would be if straps were and extra inch or so longer as their a bit tight to fit and are on the last hole.
Trish Linton
Trish Linton Reply to on 25 November 2017
Does the job but not really strong, bits breaking off. But good size and to be honest for the price it is very good and looks lovely.
sarah fenwick
sarah fenwick Reply to on 27 April 2016
Bought as a plastic basket I already had on my bike was rubbish and kept moving. This one is so much better, can adjust the straps to where you want them on the handle bars, fits lovely and looks great! Price was good too. Very pleased.
Gordon Stewardson
Gordon Stewardson Reply to on 2 September 2016
Good value for money basket that fits well and looks good. A fraction of the price of what youll see in the bike shops too.
lynn.mcfarlane Reply to on 8 January 2018
Beautiful basket but a little bigger than I thought
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