Greatestmixtapes Yarrah | Dog Biscuits - Vegan Org | 2 x 500g:Greatestmixtapes
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Yarrah | Dog Biscuits - Vegan Org | 2 x 500g:Greatestmixtapes

Yarrah Dry Organic Dog Food
Yarrah Dry Organic Dog Food Published in October 19, 2018, 1:26 pm
 Yarrah | Dog Biscuits - Vegan Org | 2 x 500g:Greatestmixtapes

Yarrah | Dog Biscuits - Vegan Org | 2 x 500g:Greatestmixtapes

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A. W.
A. W. Reply to on 28 March 2015
My dog suffers from hepatic encephalopathy - basically she has multiple liver shunts which are inoperable. She has a strict diet (no meat / no protein) and she just won't eat. But giving her this treat (even broken in her special food which she hates) makes her want to eat it - she really likes these. When she isn't eating anything this is the one thing she will eat - I think these are keeping her alive...
F. J. Winfield
F. J. Winfield Reply to on 23 August 2016
My dog loves these biscuits; she prefers them to Bonios. having said that, like most dogs, she eats just about anything, so perhaps that's not much praise. Anyway, she has one of these biscuits every night, as part of the "time-for-bed" ritual, and I'm sure that she looks forward to her biscuit.
Jessica Reply to on 22 October 2014
My dog really likes them and they seem to clean my dog's teeth which are almost tartar free now.

But the multi biscuits pack used to be better as there were more flavor options and the size was smaller (more suitable as a after meal treat for a Jack Russell). I usually break these ones in half.
Rosalind Reply to on 4 May 2017
This was, initially, an accidental purchase. However, Charlie, our carnivore GSD LOVES these biscuits above all others.
Kittykat Reply to on 2 September 2013
My Staffy gobbles them up!!

They are in the shape of bones and snap like biscuits should.

The only reason i gave a 4 star and not 5 is because of the ingredients. I would much prefer they were made from healthy ingredients!

Cereals* (wheat*, corn*), glucose syrup*, sunflower oil*, minerals.
Breianne Reply to on 18 October 2017
Good product and would purchase again. Nice size and the dogs like them
Mr. Andrew Barnes
Mr. Andrew Barnes Reply to on 14 May 2017
Margaret baruth
Margaret baruth Reply to on 2 October 2016
Palatable for dogs and they like it . Not sure re wheat corn ingredient as some dogs not tolerant of wheat. Is there an alternative?
Twojonboy Reply to on 2 December 2015
Really good for our jack Russell who is allergic to poultry. Now our other jack Russell eats this food as well.
Maria Reply to on 13 September 2015
A bit big for my puppy still but broken in smaller pieces she likes them.
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