Greatestmixtapes SwitchEasy CapsuleRebel Plastic Case for iPhone 3G/3GS - Black:Greatestmixtapes
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SwitchEasy CapsuleRebel Plastic Case for iPhone 3G/3GS - Black:Greatestmixtapes

Switcheasy Published in October 19, 2018, 1:30 pm
 SwitchEasy CapsuleRebel Plastic Case for iPhone 3G/3GS - Black:Greatestmixtapes

SwitchEasy CapsuleRebel Plastic Case for iPhone 3G/3GS - Black:Greatestmixtapes

Price:£4.99+ Free shipping

Mr. Roger Dane
Mr. Roger Dane Reply to on 4 January 2011
This is the second Capsule Rebel case that I have bought having really liked the Rebel M that I bought for my own iPhone 3GS. When my partner upgraded to an iPhone I went out and bought her one too.

The case fitting is very snug and snaps into place. I like the fact that the case gives a really good level of protection and yet all the buttons and controls work very easily. On the odd occasion that it's been necessary to take the case off I've found that it's quite tricky to do on your own but in many ways that security is a good thing and outweighs the minor inconvenience.

I would love to have a similar level of protection over the screen itself rather than just a film screen protector but realise that this is a pipe dream that isn't technically possible..

However having bought two SwitchEasy products and loved both of them I would heartily recommend any of their cases and it will be the first brand I go to for future iPhone case purchases.
Ilene Over
Ilene Over Reply to on 7 August 2018
Works but looks like a bumble bee.
three_meter_10ft Reply to on 16 August 2009
What's good:
- Easy to install
- Really protects the iPhone, I can imagine it will protect the phone even if you drop it but have not tried that myself.
- Comes with appropriate dock connector and video stand which is a very good thought at making this a complete product

Not so good:
- The hard shell is prone to scratches
- I would have liked more screen protectors
D. Hemingway
D. Hemingway Reply to on 3 December 2009
I read all the reviews before buying this case. I had a Griffin Clarifi before, and I think this case functions beter than that, because of the covers over the buttons.

My only disappointment with this cover is the moulding marks in the clear plastics, it slightly detracts from what would otherwise be a stunning case.
Rich Reply to on 8 March 2016
Used it everyday till i changed phone and never let me down.
acetabulum Reply to on 2 December 2008
It's a good strong case, leaves the controls still available and doesn't cover up the proximity sensor like some apparently do. It makes the iphone a bit bigger but it's still easily pocketable and because the outside is smooth it doesn't turn your pocket inside out when you whip out the phone to answer a call.

It's worth noting that in the box were not just the case, but also a couple of tiny stands, two screen protectors and a bit of card for squeegeeing the protector on without any bubbles. So I'm not sure why amazon is encouraging people to buy it with a separate screen protector.


After two week's use the case has gone really saggy around the home button and I've had to retire it. Shame really. Pity I can't edit the review to 1-2 stars.
RBX Reply to on 28 November 2009
This is an incredible product. It fits the iPhone well and feels as though it will protect it perfectly. No buttons, edges or chrome is exposed and the Switcheasy screenshields it comes with are excellent.

It has the best looking rear since Jessica Alba.

I personally love the design and I think the colors on the Devil are the best in the range. The front of the case gives you, I suppose it's about 1/2 a centimeter of lay on the table design. This is more than enough for you to feel comfortable putting your phone face down beside you, which is just as well as it allows the gorgeous backside to be seen. If you were with Jessica Alba, you wouldn't want to hide that backside would you?

The headphone, speaker/plug, camera and vibrate switch are cut out nicely and there was no flash (little bits of plastic left over from the moulding process) of any sort on mine. The covering of the volume rocker and sleep/wake button seems to be the same sort of plasticy rubber as the rest of the case which, while it provides good protection, means the buttons are a lot stiffer than with my Neo on. They still function perfectly I just thought I should mention it.

Easy enough to get on, not so easy to get off. Basically the polar opposite of the Neo. Don't let this put you off, it's not difficult as such, just not something you can do in 5 seconds without thinking about it.

All in all this is a fantastic case. The only point I'd raise is, if you're out and about, this case makes you very noticeable. Not just to people interested by the design, but people interested in the street value of the phone inside.
Tough but fair
Tough but fair Reply to on 18 July 2009
This is an attractive, tough case with only one drawback - it doesn't fit the Apple charging dock, even with the so-called universal dock adaptor. So you have to take the case off every time you want to place the phone on the dock. That is not only a pain but weakens the case. So if you have a dock, forget this case, if not it is pretty much perfect.
R. Nithiananthan
R. Nithiananthan Reply to on 4 June 2010
I received the case this morning, the shipping was pretty fast as I ordered on the 1st June and it arrived on the 4th. I am using this case on a iphone 2g as i don't have a iphone 3g or 3gs, but at the moment it is going pretty well. The style is great and everything is lined up perfectly, only problem is that the spine sometimes pops us a little. So far its a great case and I recommend it to people owning a iphone 3g or 3gs or to someone who wants to copy me and try it on their 2g's. So far I don't have any of that saggy bottom stuff and I hope I don't get it.
So far within the few minutes I have seen it, it is going well and I am thoroughly enjoyed with the add on 'toys' and the overall case.

shine01120 Reply to on 25 October 2010
the product arrived quickly and in excellent condition. it's robust and i can feel confident that my iphone will be protected if i happen to drop it. easy to put together, and looks great.
my only criticism is that when the case is on the phone, it won't fit into the charging docking station, or the docking station on my speaker set. of course this is by no means the fault of Switcheasy, but it's something you should consider before buying the product.
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