Greatestmixtapes Jarrow Inositol Powder, 227g, Vegan (227g, Vegan):Greatestmixtapes
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Jarrow Inositol Powder, 227g, Vegan (227g, Vegan):Greatestmixtapes

Jarrow Published in September 23, 2018, 3:42 pm
 Jarrow Inositol Powder, 227g, Vegan (227g, Vegan):Greatestmixtapes

Jarrow Inositol Powder, 227g, Vegan (227g, Vegan):Greatestmixtapes

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Em Reply to on 2 June 2017
I think this has really helped me shift some stubborn weight. It may be coincidence, but the timing of the weight loss makes me suspect it is this. It is easy to take (its powder that dissolves easily) I just take a 1/4 teaspoon in a cold drink each morning. I tend to purchase Jarrows when I am buying supplements (if I can) as they seem reliably good
AC Reply to on 16 May 2018
I'm not entirely sure whether it is solely down to Inositol but I have been taking it for 4 months now to treat my PCOS and began to see incredible results around the second month of taking it. MY PCOS only appeared recently at the age of 24. I began gaining weight, getting adult acne, losing hair and getting really bad low blood sugar. I went to see a naturopath and was given a range of different vitamin supplements and was told to stick to a strict no sugar diet. This greatly reduced my symptoms of feeling faint and getting low blood sugar, though I would still get some low blood sugar attacks, my skin was still bad and the weight wouldn't budge. I tried eliminating carbs as well as sugar, doing frequent high intensity workouts but still no results on the weight front. For the past 4 months, I have been taking Inositol religiously as soon as I wake up. Within 2 months of taking it, my low blood sugar has completely disappeared, my periods have returned to normal and I have suddenly shed 2 kilos. I feel like my hormones are really re-balancing and I'm getting back to my old self. I couldn't recommend this enough although it shouldn't replace a good diet. I limit sugar except for fruit to a bare minimum (ie occasionally eat honey). For PCOS sugar includes refined carbs so no white flour of any sort. I think through a combined method PCOS symptoms are reversible and I would recommend trying this before turning to the drugs.
Elysian42 Reply to on 22 May 2017
I am trying this product because I have been informed it helps anxiety (I have GAD). I take it in a glass of water every morning with my multivitamin. I'm not convinced that it is making any difference whatsoever. Perhaps it works better against PCOS.
Amaya Carney-Smith
Amaya Carney-Smith Reply to on 13 July 2018
I normally never leave product reviews but I felt I had to for this. I got diagnosed with PCOS about 2 years ago and since then I have had roughly 2 or 3 periods in that space of time. After reading numerous reviews about the product I took the plunge and purchased it as I felt I didn't really have much to lose, the item arrived on 3rd July and I have been taking it twice a day religiously. I am now on my 10th day of taking it and to my surprise my cycle has started! I am in complete and utter shock and I am so excited that my body seems to be back on the right track. I will update this review as I continue to take it!
CatOuttaTheBag 😽
CatOuttaTheBag 😽 Reply to on 27 August 2018
In medical studies, this type of myo-inositol (at 600mg/day) plus selenium (at 200mcg/day) for 6 months is recommended for lowering thyroid antibodies. Thyroid antibodies are present in Hashimoto’s thyroiditis which, if untreated, can lead to an underactive thyroid gland.

Inositol helps your liver’s detox pathways and can also lower bad cholesterol.

I’ve been taking a few other supplements for a while but added some free form amino acids and this inositol around a fortnight and now starting to feel LOADS better. Clearer headed, more energised and perhaps a little calmer.

It’s SO easy to take, the fine white powder just melts into water and has only the faintest taste of slight sweetness.

It depends how much you require as it how cost effective this is, but since 600mg is 1/4tsp this is DIRT CHEAP for me as it’ll last about 6 months. Some conditions may require you to slowly build up to much larger doses.

I’m glad to be feeling better and will update with results when I have a blood test.
Roberta Reply to on 4 July 2016
Able to see improvement with my pcos in 2 weeks.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 10 February 2017
feels the affect as soon as I started using it. It really does work. I just use it in water when I am thirsty
Mrs. G Gill
Mrs. G Gill Reply to on 30 September 2017
After the pill my periods were all over the place. As soon as I started taking this daily it went back to normal! Highly recommended!
Dhara Brahmbhatt
Dhara Brahmbhatt Reply to on 14 October 2016
This has got rid of my scalp psoriasis I was suffering with for 12 years and hasn't returned in 6 months. Definitely recommend it.
Sunny Wattal
Sunny Wattal Reply to on 11 July 2018
Amazing! Felt relief from deep dark depression within 2 days of use! Highly recommended for depression!
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