Greatestmixtapes Helios Stress Relief Pillules:Greatestmixtapes
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Helios Stress Relief Pillules:Greatestmixtapes

Helios Homoeopathy
Helios Homoeopathy Published in September 23, 2018, 3:42 pm
 Helios Stress Relief Pillules:Greatestmixtapes

Helios Stress Relief Pillules:Greatestmixtapes

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Agatha Christus
Agatha Christus Reply to on 29 January 2018
Sometimes, these seem to work for me and other times they don't make any difference at all. Maybe I am imagining that they do something sometimes, will have to do more testing. But when they work, I do feel calmer and more relaxed. For me, they only seem to work in moderately stressful situations though. I pop one under my tongue and feel calmer after a few minutes. When I have stress coming out of my ears however, they don't seem to have any affect on me at all. Shame
Mary Erdem
Mary Erdem Reply to on 13 December 2016
Worked well for me and my daughter!
Mrs. M. D. Davies
Mrs. M. D. Davies Reply to on 7 March 2018
These are surprisingly good, I say that because they are really really tiny, but they do the trick and are worth a try.
Orshi Peto
Orshi Peto Reply to on 18 December 2017
Great product.
Sulty155 Reply to on 25 January 2018
I found that it brings me instant calm. When I feel that im stressed
nike Reply to on 4 February 2018
Helped during exams. I definitely felt less stressed than before.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 5 September 2017
Strange little things. I don't really know if they work.
Monica Dent
Monica Dent Reply to on 25 February 2018
Really quick delivery and very calming product.
ROZZIE C Reply to on 4 January 2016
Brilliant product for mild stress and and anxiety, anticipation about a forthcoming event, exam nerves, taking your driving test etc. I also used it on my dog before taking her to the vet and she was much less anxious
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