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Frasier - Season 1:Greatestmixtapes

Kelsey Grammer
Kelsey Grammer Published in September 23, 2018, 4:14 pm
 Frasier - Season 1:Greatestmixtapes

Frasier - Season 1:Greatestmixtapes


Paul Tapner
Paul Tapner Reply to on 7 February 2009
the first season of a comedy classic, complete on dvd. Doctor frasier crane, a supporting character in legendary sitcom cheers, was spun off into his own show, a comedy that lasted as long as cheers and became just as legendary in it's own right. it succeeded because it was able to develop the character and take him in new directions and make him the centre of the show. because it had a wonderful ensemble cast who complemented each other perfectly. and the writing and the acting were top notch. dry witty urbane and clever this was delightful comedy.

people do say it's lost it's way a little in later years, but this is the first season and nobody quibbles about the quality of the early years, so let's not get into that debate here. There are twenty four episodes of comedy gold on display across four discs.

each disc contains six episodes.

each has language tracks in english spanish and french.

and subtitles in english danish norwegian and swedish.

each disc also contains celebrity voices, a short extra running from two to five minutes depending on which disc you're on, showing clips from the episodes on them where guest actors would do the voices for people calling frasier's radio show.

disc one has a commentary on the first episode from two of the creators of the show. the subtitles for this are english spanish and french.

and disc four also offers a twenty one minute long documentary about the creation of the show. dating from 2003 this features contributions from two of the creators and all the main cast, and is a fascinating look at the creative process. and at the sitcom kelsey grammer could have been in post cheers.

there's also frasier's apartment. there are two screens to this extra showing a still of the set, and if you watch the disc on a pc and move the pointer around over the first screen till it lights up when you're over the door, click on that to see a very short piece by the set designer looking at the creation of that area of the set.

on the second screen of this feature similar short features can be found by clicking on the couch and the table behind it and the table with a sculpture on it to the side of that.

a good box set for a classic comedy
Mr. Dave
Mr. Dave Reply to on 26 September 2015
I always liked this programme and always use to make sure I tuned in for it years ago.. then I forgot all about it.. suddenly remembered it one day and my fondness for it and got the 1st season dead cheap to see if I liked it still and I didn't... I liked it more.. had to get the rest.. come on Mr postman its Christmas morning.. where is my Frasier fix please :0)
DAVID BURN Reply to on 20 September 2017
A really good series set, well packaged. I thought the first series of Frasier was really excellent - and on watching it in this set, can highly recommend it!
John King
John King Reply to on 18 April 2013
I have come late to the Frasier series of American comedies and I would recommend this series to anyone in search of light comedy. The style of humour varies between espisodes, from farce to the gentle exploration of quite serious human relattionships. The acting and ensemble work of the cast are of very high standard.
Jadeybabe Reply to on 20 July 2017
One of the best seasons of a comedy series I've ever seen. Brilliant, witty and clever over 24 episodes makes it great value!
nacho heredia alonso
nacho heredia alonso Reply to on 2 May 2018
mr john gould
mr john gould Reply to on 11 July 2018
Biff Reply to on 28 January 2015
A superb classic American comedy series.

Fantastic scripts and superb acting from all concerned it really is a delight to watch.

Very funny.
jean reeves
jean reeves Reply to on 29 July 2018
very pleased
lassie Reply to on 8 January 2015
for relaxation it was recommended
it was said that it could happily be watched many times
each time providing more amusing moments
i shall try it out in the near future
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