Greatestmixtapes Estee Lauder Youth Dew Eau de Parfum Spray for Women 67ml:Greatestmixtapes
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Estee Lauder Youth Dew Eau de Parfum Spray for Women 67ml:Greatestmixtapes

Estee Lauder
Estee Lauder Published in September 23, 2018, 4:58 pm
 Estee Lauder Youth Dew Eau de Parfum Spray for Women 67ml:Greatestmixtapes

Estee Lauder Youth Dew Eau de Parfum Spray for Women 67ml:Greatestmixtapes

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Mrs. A. Lewington
Mrs. A. Lewington Reply to on 10 October 2013
I did leave virtually the same comment in answer to the gentleman who had commented that his wife's Youth Dew would not spray so he was returning it for a refund. It seemed like so much trouble to go to for a very common problem which has only started occurring since the 'pump' style dispensing bottles became the norm rather than the good old 'spray', which I used to adore (even if I did go through more scent that way ;-D). My beloved Mum has just died and I used to love it, when I was a child, when she went out for the evening as the air was thick with the scent of Youth Dew. We didn't have a lot of money but she wore this all through my childhood and teens, when she caught a whiff of my Aromatics Elixir and swapped to that, lol. There were 2 75ml bottles in her bedroom, the body lotion and a drum of body powder. I love it, so I'm using it and it's a massive comfort to me. Anyway, the 'fix' goes like this...

I worked for Elizabeth Arden for a lot of years and obviously we all helped out wherever whenever on perfumery when it was sheer madness at Xmas. The problem with non spraying was far and away the most common reason for return and fixed usually inside 30 seconds. It was lovely to see so many disappointed wives/girlfriends so happy when they could use the bottle that their bloved had bought for them. Here's the fix(I hope this helps) - turn the bottle upside down completely and pump the spray maybe half a dozen times. Then turn the bottle the right way up and do the same again. Towards the end of the 6 or7 'upright' sprays, the fragrance will start spraying properly. The reason that the bottle isn't dispensing properly to start with is that there's air trapped in the plastic tube leading down into the bottle, usually from either being stored upside down or transported that way. The fragrances(especially at Xmas), in boxes of maybe 50 or 100 bottles, were packed into the storage rooms any way we could do them - there was just so much stock!!!. Anyway, this 'quick fix' honestly did work 99 times out of 100, resulting in happy customers and consultants' sales targets met *grin*. Feel free to pass this tip to any and all people who wear fragrance/after shave etc. and I really hope it helps you. Btw, I know it doesn't need saying but this works with all 'pump' sprays Happy spraying!! p.s. This applies to travelling too. I know it's unavoidable in luggage when travelling abroad, but try and make sure your fragrance stays upright in your vanity case or whatever if you're travelling at home.
Ms. Vicki Cushing
Ms. Vicki Cushing Reply to on 20 October 2016
Was bit worried as some reviewers doubted this was genuine. It IS. My Mum has been getting this for years & says it is the exact same as the (much more expensive!) high st chemist sells. My first purchase but won't be my last!!
Thanks :)
Just received another bottle- to find out when perfume was manufactured look up online & enter the stamped code from bottom of box -I did (AA717 17 289)..& it showed as being manufactured Ictober 2017 (it is now June 2018). So well within the recommended shelf life for edp sprays which is 5 years... hope this helps anyone doubting this is old stock. It definitely is NOT and it is also the REAL DEAL despite the low price
Thanks 😀
Angela NOT happy.
Angela NOT happy. Reply to on 16 August 2016
received very quickly. nasty smell, nothing like the real thing. must be very old stock. shocking. also the colour of this perfume received is very
dark, not the rich oakey colour of the genuine perfume. it is almost black. what a waste of money. yuk!!! On the information details, it says date of release 2009, being this old would explain the nasty smell. Used this product for over 40 years. Would like a refund.
Meemeezmom Reply to on 25 February 2018
Whilst one of the older heavy heady perfumes, it holds its own with the more modern fragrances. I buy this from time to time as I love the overpowering scent.....I am an opium girl, but the price is way OTT. This fragrance is along those lines long lasting and heavy plus it's a steal for the price. I will still buy my Opium as I'm addicted, but youth Dew makes a nice change
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 20 January 2016
No way is this original Youth Dew. Looks like the real thing until you spray,it's completely wrong. Nothing like the real thing.
Bigspender Reply to on 12 August 2017
What can I say my favourite & one & only perfume just like my husband who first bought this for me 43years ago. Smells gorgeous excellent price have ordered this from seller previously
Rod Brown
Rod Brown Reply to on 25 October 2017
Genuine Estee Lauder perfume with a lovely sensual aroma suitable for the younger or older women!
One of the wife's favourite perfumes and a great price for this quality!
molly Reply to on 31 December 2017
I have always loved this perfume,it's smells perfume arrived in two days,I was shocked as I expected the small bottle for this much money and was very surprised when it came it's the large size..very happy as this perfume lasts all day and night and have had lots of compliments.
Frank Donoghue
Frank Donoghue Reply to on 11 May 2018
My wife loves Youth Dew she has used it for years and was delighted when she got this at Christmas as the one she has was nearly finished. She is not convinced that this product is genuine as its smell and colour is nothing like her original it is weak and does not last. She is not just disappointed she is furious and I am getting the blame for purchasing it. Be warned.
Ms. D. Robinson
Ms. D. Robinson Reply to on 6 December 2017
Great fragrance. I just love this one. Bought as a Christmas present. Great price. Item arrived very well packed. Would recommend this seller.
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