Greatestmixtapes Flowering Shrubs Hedge - 5 hedge plants:Greatestmixtapes
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Flowering Shrubs Hedge - 5 hedge plants:Greatestmixtapes

GardenersDream Published in September 23, 2018, 3:41 pm
 Flowering Shrubs Hedge - 5 hedge plants:Greatestmixtapes

Flowering Shrubs Hedge - 5 hedge plants:Greatestmixtapes

Price:£13.89+ Free shipping

KC Reply to on 15 June 2015
the shrubs arrived before time, and they seemed to be in good health, although they are all quite small to begin with. one little shrub was looking a bit sad, but the seller sent me another to replace it. i put the shrubs in the greenhouse to give them a good start and they didn't take long to sprout new shoots. they are now planted along the side of our drive and the blue shrub has already flowered. next year will be better as they will be well established by then. very impressed.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 5 April 2017
If three survive it will be a miracle let alone all five. So disappointed. :(
brynmor Reply to on 4 July 2016
I replant the need to lovely pots put proper composting spent loads of money on plant food and they all died. I had six other plants the same day and they're all still alive and I got them from someone else.
D D Sims
D D Sims Reply to on 14 March 2015
Half were dead on arrival-can't tell which plants as they were not labelled. One star for prompt delivery.
mr peter r reeve
mr peter r reeve Reply to on 9 October 2014
One of the plants which was not named (no name label on it was as were the other four)) was dead) the other 4 were fine
lorna Reply to on 8 June 2018
Plants arrived and they look very healthy and are a very good size - not the normal twig etc - and the pots were still moist which, to my mind, gives the plants are far better chance of thriving. I received Forsythia, Spirea, Weigela, Caenothus (California Lilac) and Buddlela (butterfly bush). Very good plants and I recommend this supplier.
IanM Reply to on 20 May 2018
Bought these shrubs last year ! Happy to report they are all prospering....plenty of foliage in evidence already ! Put some old teabags in each plot, and it's kept the dogs 'n cats off.... Recommended.
Lorna Foster
Lorna Foster Reply to on 9 October 2015
My favourite things in my garden as they was the first things I ever planted. They have established really well and their success encouraged me to do more gardening till I caught the gardening bug. Absolute bargain for the price and gorgeous shrubs aswell.
Linda wilkinson
Linda wilkinson Reply to on 17 August 2018
Just received my plants, first time ever buying on line read reviews that didn’t help just thought I would take the risk,
Well in need not of worried received healthy plants and much bigger than I was expecting so so pleased, if your like me not sure at all, then all I can say is try out for yourself, now to create the bed and plant out.
Victoria Wuffington-Stuart
Victoria Wuffington-Stuart Reply to on 14 June 2018
Arrived on time, well packaged but quite small. They will require a little attention till they establish themselves. I got shrubs as I am a bad gardener, so the small size has put me off. That is possibly my fault as I am still "Imperial" , not metric!
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