Greatestmixtapes 66fit Adjustable Hand Grip Exerciser 10-40kg Wrist Forearm Power Strength Training:Greatestmixtapes
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66fit Adjustable Hand Grip Exerciser 10-40kg Wrist Forearm Power Strength Training:Greatestmixtapes

66fit Published in September 23, 2018, 4:30 pm
 66fit Adjustable Hand Grip Exerciser 10-40kg Wrist Forearm Power Strength Training:Greatestmixtapes

66fit Adjustable Hand Grip Exerciser 10-40kg Wrist Forearm Power Strength Training:Greatestmixtapes

Price:£8.50+ Free shipping with Kumagai-yutaka Prime

Strider Reply to on 10 December 2015
I recently bought several of these exercisers. 3 different models, and one which was a cheap copy of this one. Verdict: This one is by far the best one. The imitation I bought of this one broke after 2 days.
Another one: is ok and has very strong resistance, but does not have such an ergonomic design. Kind of hard to really work out properly.
Last one I tried: is simple and has a very good design, but resistance is very weak, and not adjustable.
There you go, there are so many products available, I hope this review will be helpful.
Mr. Naresh Patel
Mr. Naresh Patel Reply to on 13 October 2017
Works well and has a good quality feel.Rubber hand grips makes it comfortable to use.I have larger than average hands and it is fine for me. I wanted another one and found a cheaper one also on Amazon which looked exactly the same but half the price, however that was a false economy.The cheaper one I bought was far inferior and did not provide the same range of movement. Do not make the mistake I made and go for the cheaper ones that look similar. A problem that all of these grip exercises have is that they tend to creak at the spring and are very noisy. This is easily solved by a proper spray lubricant. I used WD40 Anti Friction Dry PTFE Lubricant also available on Amazon. The lubricant completely solves the noise problem. Ok I know it’s an added expense but that stuff is good to have anyway. I specifically did not use regular WD40 as I didn’t want the oil on my hands as I use this at my desk at work.
Charlie Reply to on 20 February 2016
Great for strength build up as is very adjustable. Originally brought this as part of physio exercises which meant that 10 was not possible on injured side. However once you can reach that stage is well worth the money. I've had this product for a while now and it still works. The spring occasionally makes some alarming noises if you do not squeeze straight but doesn't seem to spring out. The plastic slowly wears away which means it can be a bit dusty after periods of long use. Despite this I would defiantly recommend it and buy again.
Marco R
Marco R Reply to on 10 November 2016
Garbage, the spring pings everytime I squeeze it and it's not comfortable to use at all. It's been this way since day one when I bought it. I returned one because of it just to get another one exactly like it. Couldn't be bothered to return it again and hoped it would go away with use. It hasn't.
Mr. Rd Carr
Mr. Rd Carr Reply to on 15 September 2012
I've had this gadget for a couple of months now and it seems pretty good. You can start with a low level of resistance and increase it as your grip strengthens. The grip is not as comfortable as it could be but isn't too bad. After a couple of months it does creak a little but doesn't show any other signs of deterioration so I think it will last. The maximum strength level requires an incredibly strong grip so there's plenty of scope in it.

One suggestion - there is a version with a lower minimum and maximum strength. If you haven't improved your grip before you may get better results with the lighter weight version.
Christopher Sziranyi
Christopher Sziranyi Reply to on 5 August 2017
The product is quite good and at the highest setting (40kg) I would say it will be challenging for most people.

The only problem is that those with smaller hands will struggle to get a grip on it.

Otherwise it's well worth spending a few pounds to strengthen your grip.
Mr Reply to on 6 March 2015
Ace bit of kit, very easy to use and easy to understand. It feels substantial in the hand even though it is made of plastic. The spring clicks to begin with but as you use it more and more on various settings it disappears. Very good price and quality, strongly recommend for strengthening, toning and repairing tendons.
Michelle Reply to on 25 September 2016
I bought this for my dad whos 79 and just spent the last 6 months in hospital and his wrists, hands and fingers are very weak. Its a great product if used daily and i would recommend for anyone wanting to build up their muscles in their hands etc. Only problem was it arrived with no instructions on how to change the weight in kg, i checked on the webpage and explained to dad how to increase and decrease the weight.
Overall very happy!
Dion Reply to on 1 May 2015
Complete beginner to this kind of thing and got very confused about the 'entry point' as a first buy. As a 'normal person' as opposed to a gym bunnie or weight lifter I am viewed as having strong hands generally but I am glad I guessed and went with this 'gripper'. I have it near the bottom [easy] end and can do it but there is room for improvement -- so a good place to start and there is room for harder settings when I get better.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 5 October 2016
I work in retail and deal with a lot of stock, so lugging around boxes is commonplace. I bought this just to build strength in my wrists and forearms for this. Time will tell if it is the real deal, but after 3 days my wrists already feel stronger. Was nicely packaged too, no fancy box that took 15 years to open.
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